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21201 orthodontic services

Are you in need of 21201 orthodontic services?

Are you looking for a skilled dentist who offers comprehensive dental care as well as a menu of 21201 orthodontic services? At Innovation Dental Center, Dr. Dana Truesdale is expertly trained to address the dental needs of every member of your family. Offering her patients the latest and most advanced selection of general, preventive, cosmetic, restorative and prosthetic dental services, Dr. Truesdale will guide you in choosing the best solutions for your smile. If you are looking for a dentist to help you to achieve a straighter and more pleasing smile, Dr. Truesdale is a trained provider of Clear Correct and 6 Month Smiles. Both are innovative alternatives to traditional braces that offer some convenient advantages over other approaches to care.

21201 orthodontic services

At Innovation Dental Center, it is our goal to provide everyone who comes through our doors with a pleasant dental experience as well as the personalized dental care that they deserve. For patients interested in achieving a well-aligned smile, we offer two very effective 21201 orthodontic services. Of course, the cosmetic benefits of straight teeth are obvious. It is also important to keep in mind that a well aligned benefits your overall oral health. This is because misaligned teeth can be difficult to keep clean, a challenge which can contribute to the development of dental decay and periodontal disease. Also, an irregular bite can precipitate jaw problems such as TMJ. As a trained provider of Clear Correct and 6 Month Smiles, Dr. Truesdale can produce the most pleasing and highly functional results. Clear Correct aligners are a barely visible, removable alternative to traditional braces. Gradually correcting the position of your teeth using a planned sequence of plastic aligners, most people won’t even know you are receiving orthodontic. Dr. Truesdale also offers 6 Months Smiles, which is a short-term orthodontic appliance with a modern twist. The average treatment time is only 6 months and the clear brackets and tooth colored wires are barely visible. Both appliances are great for adults who want to gain a straighter smile while retaining a professional image.

If you’re considering either of these two types of 21201 orthodontic services to help you achieve amore appealing smile, consult Dr. Dana Truesdale at Innovation Dental Center. She’s an excellent dentist who has assisted many patients in reaching their cosmetic dental goals. Call today for a consultation.

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